IOS Upgrades
Please do not upgrade your IOS version during an active project. We take great care to pre-empt problems with upgrades but it can take weeks or even months before IOS bugs are identified and addressed by Apple.
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Costume Update 1.8 Photo Fix released    
Photo display problems with Costume 1.7    
Update 1.5 released, all versions    
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Make-Up 1.3 Available - a 'must have' update    
Developer Meeting    
Make Up Artist Magazine    
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Make-Up Continuity Pro now with Apple    
    06 May 2012
    Make-Up Continuity Pro now with Apple
    As it stands now, the app has been submitted to apple for analysis and then hopefully will be available to buy on the app store in the next couple of weeks. So all that remains for me to do is market it (eek!) and continue to improve it.

I'm always thinking of ways to improve the app and plan to make two upgrades as soon as it has launched...

In order to make it easier to back up and transfer your projects, we're planning to integrate the app with Dropbox and Livedrive. So instead of passing on a CD or memory stick, you'll simply offer a link to your account from where the recipient can download the project.

We're upgrading the 'quick view' and sheet view options so that you'll be able to choose whether to view sheets or photographs in scene OR story order.

I'll be using the app to run continuity on my next film 'All Stars' for Vertigo, so will report back on how I get on. Like I said on the welcome page, I'd appreciate all feedback and suggestions for improvements. Feel free to leave comments on the blog or email directly. I'm also planning to make a hideously embarrassing film demonstrating how to use the app...though I don't know when that will rear it's ugly head!!!