IOS Upgrades
Please do not upgrade your IOS version during an active project. We take great care to pre-empt problems with upgrades but it can take weeks or even months before IOS bugs are identified and addressed by Apple.
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    07 June 2012
    Tweaks coming up
    Having generated a couple of weeks worth of data we've had a good look at Make-up continuity pro and had some great feedback from users. As a consequence we have asked Cistec to add an update, applying to all apps, that will go live in a few days having passed through the Apple validation procedure.

We notied previously that the display order of some items was not ideal in all situations so this has been amended. Whilst checking the backup / restore process through iTunes we noticed that the restore process seemed to be taking far too long. Again, the problem has been identified and fixed and now syncing to iTunes and restoring all data to a completely separate iPad now takes a matter of only a few minutes.

I have been running the app with the updates included and given Cistec the go-ahead to make the updates available through the app store. Make-up Continuity Pro is now saving me and me team hours every single day. Fabulous!!