IOS Upgrades
Please do not upgrade your IOS version during an active project. We take great care to pre-empt problems with upgrades but it can take weeks or even months before IOS bugs are identified and addressed by Apple.
Art Department now on App Store    
MakeUp and Costume V2 now on app store    
Testing, testing, testing    
Version 2, all apps, imminent    
All New Version 2 submitted to app store    
Art Department Photo Fix 1.7 avaailable    
Costume Update 1.9 Available    
Further Photo Updates, Costume and Art    
Costume Update 1.8 Photo Fix released    
Photo display problems with Costume 1.7    
Update 1.5 released, all versions    
Updates Feedback - so pleased    
Make-Up 1.3 Available - a 'must have' update    
Developer Meeting    
Make Up Artist Magazine    
Back from LA :)    
New updates available    
PR Web Press release    
Updates Imminent    
Newsletter available    
Smashing support request    
V 1.1 updates available on app store    
New Blog goes live    
Support requests    
Tweaks coming up    
Working with Make-Up Continuity Pro    
All Apps now available on app store    
Makeup Continuity Pro now on app store!    
How To and FAQs added to web site    
Costume Continuity Pro submitted to app store    
Make-Up Continuity Pro now with Apple    
    19 July 2012
    Updates Imminent
    Updates are going through the Apple verification process and include:

Rich text editing to include bold, italic, numbered list, bullet points, underline and colour coding.

Dropbox API integration so that files (<150mb) can be uploaded and shared via dropbox and reimported from the dropbox app.

Option to view sheets and photos in scene OR story order.

Reduced white space and photo size to standard 6x4 size in printing to reduce print size

These free updates should be available through the App store within the next few days.

Under development:

The release of 'script continuity pro' with continuity sheets specifically designer for script supers

Advanced print options so that users can print all sheets associated with a certain scene or 'everything updated in the last 24 hours'

An extra layer to the database so that costume users can see characters sheets grouped by change number

Addition of dropdown lists to make data entry quicker and easier